How to grow and care for aloe vera plant at home

How to grow and care for aloe vera plant at home

 Gardening is always a hobby and a passionate thing. Growing aloe vera is health benefits as well as the beauty of the garden.

Aloe vera is used for a long period of time. It is a fact that it contains 99%of water and the remaining part is gelatinous matter.

If you want to grow Aloe vera for gardening or for commercial purposes. In this article, you will know how to grow and care for aloe vera.

 Aloe vera plant is easy to grow and care. It can be grown from leaf, steam cutting, and other many more ways. But here I will recommend you the best way to plant Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera

The scientific name of Aloe vera is Aloe barbadensis. It is green in color and highly used for decoration and medicinal purposes.

Most of the people want to grow Aloe vera at home for decoration. But they might not have proper ideas to grow Aloe vera and they die due to improper care.

So, in this article, you will learn to grow Aloe vera at home in an easy and scientific way.

Steps to grow Aloe vera at home

how to grow an aloe vera plant

Growing Aloe very is an easy task but people do not become careful while they are growing Aloe vera. Due to lack of proper care and environmental effect.

Here will discuss all problem and their solution.

1.Location selection

Aloe vera needs proper sunlight to grow. If it gets more than enough sunlight than it starts to dry out and turn out in brown color.

And if it does not get an adequate amount of sunlight it affects its growth.

So. choose an appropriate location to grow aloe vera plant.

2.Aloe vera planting

While you are planting aloe vera you must be careful in the selection of pot and soil. If you want to grow in the same pot, you have to select the large pots. If aloe vera start to penetrate their roots so they can go deep down.

Or, you can transplant when it starts to make roots. You can plant aloe vera by steam or from a nursery near you.

The soil must be dry, It would be better if you use cactus potting soil mix. While you are planting aloe vera you must be careful. always make plants straight upward and tied the base with dry soil.

The pots must have a drainage hole because aloe vera start to die if it gets excessive water. We will discuss more in care for Aloe vera.

Care for Aloe vera

Care for Aloe vera

Caring an aloe vera is to take proper care and to make favorable conditions to grow it. Here you will know the idea to grow aloe vera and how to make favorable conditions for plants.

Let's begin with the placement of aloe vera. Aloe vera requires favorable temperature (room temperature)and sunlight ( do not directly expose to sunlight for a long period of time). If aloe does not get favorable climate like damage of leaves in the cold season due to too much cold and dry out on sunny days.

Try to place aloe vera inside barrier if possible, if not then cover it with a warm cloth so it can resist climatic change.

Watering in aloe vera is important while growing it. You should water them twice a day on sunny days but sometimes in winter or cold days.

Fertilizer is not much important case in growing aloe vera. But also you can consult with an expert if the plant starts to dry out. It may be the cause of heating or disease.

Try to use less fertilizer as possible. Compost fertilizer does not have any side effect in growing aloe vera but excessive use of chemical fertilizer cause dryness and may die plant.

Some of the precautions that you need to be careful are :

The plant starts to grow low and flat then it needs sunlight. Place in open sunlight it is probably the plant do not get sunlight.

The plant starts to become brown when it gets excess sunlight. You have to shift Aloe vera inside or cover with a warm cloth. It does not place aloe vera plants in direct contact with sunlight for a long period of time.

The aloe plant starts to curl and thin in shape if it does not get water for a long period of time. The plant can store water in their leaves if they cause drought. We should watch growing aloe vera leaves weather it is green or not.

Leaves start to turn into yellow if you provide water more than necessary. It does not require more water so you can water them thrice a week.

Aloe vera plant starts to grow vera pups when the mother plant becomes mature. Remove the growing pups if it develops. Make sure it is detached from the mother plant.

Separate the aloe vera pup with a knife and again you can plant them in soil.

This is how you can grow and care for aloe vera plants and make a beautiful healthy garden.


1.What is the problem with aloe vera plants?

-Aloe vera plants do not require a lot of water for growing. Most of people water frequently and it cause brownness in leaves. Sometimes due to direct sunlight over a long period of time and sometimes due to lack of sunlight.

If you follow all above mentioned caring tips to grow aloe vera then you can grow easily and make a beautiful garden.

2. How fast does aloe vera grow?

-Aloe vera takes 15 days (1-2 weeks) to grow and to become a mature plant.

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Benefit of Aloe vera

Benefit of Aloe vera

Aloe is traditionally used as a medicinal herb. Now people know the benefit of aloe vera and use it for a different purpose.

Here I have listed some of the benefits of aloe vera.

1. Aloe vera is used for healing purposes. It is mostly used in the burning part of the body. It has great healing properties.

2. Aloe vera is used as a facial cream in the face.

3. Aloe vera is useful for our body too. Many people directly consume aloe vera.

4. It helps to delay aging and make face more attractive.

5. It contains vitamin, mineral, sugar, enzyme, and other nutrition which is necessary for our body.

These are the benefit of aloe vera which helps you in many ways.

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