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Tomato is considered as fruit as well as vegetable. It is used in vegetable and sometimes in a salad. It is highly nutritious with sour in, most of the people like a tomato in their lunch.

Tomato is easily available in the market but the main thing is that is it really healthy? Tomato in the market may grow with different pesticides, insecticides, and another harmful chemical which are harmful to our health.

Tomato can be grown in a house with a seed and many people ask the question of how to grow tomatoes from seed and how to grow tomatoes in pots from seed?

Here you will in detail about how to grow tomatoes from seed and ways to take care of growing Tomatoes from seed.

Classification of Tomatoes

While we are planting a plant why not make detail about tomatoes and their classification. There mainly two types. They are:

1.Determinant Tomatoes

Determinant tomatoes ripen in a short period of time when they get mature. This plant is small then indeterminant tomatoes. This plant grows bush in size and 4-5 m long. This plant dies in a short period and regenerated from seed on the whole season.

2.Indeterminant Tomatoes

Indeterminant Tomatoes increase its height through the season. It obviously has more height than determinant tomatoes. It starts to ripen at the end of the season if no other disease or frost kills the plant.

This is a short main difference between determinant and indeterminant tomatoes. 

Now let's move towards our main topic on how to grow tomatoes from seeds.

growing great tomatoes at home

Tips to Grow Tomatoes plant in pots from seeds

If you want to grow tomatoes plant in pots in your house. You have to mainly focus on seed selection, watering and taking care of plants.

1.Seed selection

Selecting a seed is the main factor to grow tomatoes. You can check out local nursery for the best quality seed. Make a separate place where seeds germinate enough to get sunlight from the window.

There are different tomato varieties. If you find a quality tomato seedling suitable for your pots it is easy to care. Try to avoid weak seedling.

2.Required material

While growing tomatoes it is no easy task if you do not have the proper equipment. I have grown different varieties of tomato in pots. The required material to grow tomatoes from seed are:
  1. Pots which can be adjusted in-room or in the balcony.
  2. Seed heat mat
  3. As possible try to make a greenhouse.
  4. Seed starting mix which is good in quality.
These are the requirement to grow tomatoes.

Here we begin with stepwise to grow tomatoes in pots from seeds.

grow tomatoes in pots from seeds

Step 1:

Selecting season and types of tomatoes are basic things to know while we are cultivating tomatoes. It is better to plant tomatoes in the spring season. Spring is the best growing season for tomatoes.

Step 2:

Buy quality seed from your local level nursery. Try to recommend for you the best quality of seed. In my personal opinion, I found cherry tomatoes good in taste. If you give proper care to tomatoes then it grows in a bunch.

Step 3:

Buy pots where you kept your seed. Pots should be favorable for growing tomatoes because tomatoes roots go deeper and deeper when they start to germinate.

If you want to farm in a large area it is better to make a greenhouse where you can give required humidity, temperature, and sunlight. Grow light if there is no sunlight but it is better to search direct sunlight area.

Step 4:

While filling pots with soil, soil test from the sensor is necessary if you want to grow quality tomatoes. The sensor helps to detect the nitrogenous, potassium amount so you can replace it with good quality soil and manure.

Soil should be moisture and kept in the presence of warm light until tomatoes start to germinate.

Step 5:

Maintaining temperature and sunlight helps tomatoes to grow better. The room temperature should be (70-78) Fahrenheit or (21-29) degrees Celcius. The young plant needs proper sunlight which helps in photosynthesis.

The younger tomatoes plant need 6 hours of sunlight. It is necessary to provide them enough sunlight if you want better production.

Step 6:

Plant need water for photosynthesis and to survive. If watering in a tomato plant is not enough or exceed then it starts to die.

In each pot provides 1 jug of water in the morning and evening each time. Sometimes disease and frostbite may see in young plants. By using chemical and fertilizer consulting with experts to overcome disease in plants.

Step 7:

After step no 6 you only have to wait for a tomato to grow and make different dishes which you like to make. Comment down below which dishes you want to make from tomatoes. Mostly tomatoes are famous for pickles.

These are the steps to grow tomatoes in pots from seeds.

growing great tomatoes at home


Here we are discussing frequently asked questions from people. If you have any issue related to tomatoes growing then you can comment down below.

1. What does sowing a seed mean?

-Sowing seed is the process of planting seeds that maybe with hands, or other modern equipment.

2. How to make tomato growing secrets soil preparation?

-Soil is the main factor to improve production in every farming. I will advise you from my experience to make good fertile soil. Dig the soil and add compost manure in it and leftover two weeks.

The soil and compost manure start to get fertile and improve in tomato growing.


Here I have given you steps and tips to grow tomatoes in pots from seeds in a simple language as possible. I am working with my parents in tomato farming and support in agriculture. I have given all above steps from my personal experience.

Till now I have germinated many tomato plants and I like to do this work. If you follow above-given steps then you can easily grow a great tomato plants at home.
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