How to Grow Spinach Indoors ? Organic Method To Grow

Spinach is a greeny vegetable that is originated in Persia. It has a dark green leaf which is eaten as a vegetable. Organic Vegetable is necessary for our daily life because consumption of an excessive amount of chemical fertilize vegetables has a bad impact on our health.

If you want to grow organic Spinach herb and don't have any idea how to start then here you will get a complete idea from buying seed to growing vegetables.

Growing Spinach Plant

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Is it Possible to Grow Spinach inside the house?

- Yes, of course, it is possible you can grow the spinach indoor. You may not have an outdoor garden or you live in an apartment. So, for this Scenario here I make the complete guide to Grow the vegetable in your comfort zone.

Like the other, it does not require much space and time to care for it. But you have to maintain a suitable atmosphere to grow which we will discuss below.

Complete Guide to Grow Spinach Indoors 

There are many ways to Grow Spinach Plants but here we will begin from the Seed of the Plants. Here the steps to follow to make the Spinach leaves.

1. Time of planting

Spinach is the cool season crop So plant it in the Spring to get a better result. If you can manage the shady area for the Plant then you can plant at any season maintaining a cool temperature.

2. Quality Soil 

The quality of the soil can be maintained by using  the Compost and fertilizer of the following component :
  • 40% of natural soil
  • 30% cocopeat 
  • 30% Vermicompost
Potting soil for Spinach Plant

3. Seedling process

The favorable temperature for the Seedling is between 20 - 25 degrees Celcius. Take a bucket of water and spray it in the Soil to make the soil wet. 

If you are Seedling in the Small pot Size then you can simply pour 5 glasses of water making it wet.

The Pot must have a good drainage hole system that flows excess water from the soil. Buy the quality fresh Spinach seed from the market that favors your living area.

Sprinkle the Spinach Seed in the soil with a difference of inches of space and cover the seed with a layer of soil. 

After that again Spray water in the soil making the soil wet. In a couple of days, you will notice growing Spinach in your vessel or pot.

Then water your spinach plant often to prevent the soil from drying out.

4. Temperature

Spinach is very sensitive to heat and light. It favors the mild climate. If the temperature (above 24 degrees Celcius) of the soil goes on increasing then move it to the shaded area.

You can check the temperature of the soil with the help of the Thermostat. Some of the varieties of Spinach can resist the lower temperature up to 15 degrees celsius up to 90 degrees celsius.

5. Organic Fertilizer

Fertilizer is essential for the plant to grow in a good manner. There are different fertilizers available in the market. You can use the organic fertilizer which is available in the local market. You can use the organic fertilizer after the 3rd week of germination.

Take 100 gm of organic fertilizer in 1 liter of water, mix it well. Let it be for 24 hours then you can use the mixing liquid as a liquid fertilizer. It Protects from fungal diseases and helps in growing.

6. Mature Spinach requirement

After a month, Spinach starts to grow and it requires direct sunlight. So, place the pot or a bucket in the direct sunlight that be the balcony or near the window. 

Harvesting outer leaves of Spinach

After 40-45 days Spinach plant are ready for harvesting. Cut the leaves of the spinach plant and have your organic Spinach vegetable.

7. Growing from harvest Plant

You can again gain the spinach plant. You can simply add the liquid fertilizer to it. Then just follow the above-mentioned steps. You can grow up to 6-7 times with the same harvesting plant.

Benefits of Spinach Plant

There are many benefits to having an organic Spinach plant. Let's list the benefit of it:

1. It helps to prevent cancer.
2. It helps to reduce Blood sugar.
3. It is considered good for our eyes.
4. It helps to boost our immune system.
5. It helps to glow your skin.


1. How much Light does the Spinach plant need?

-The Spinach plant does not require much sunlight as compared to basil and tomatoes. The Sunlight in the balcony and window is enough for the plant to grow. But if there is too much shady in your area then you can use  Fluorescent Bulbs.

2. What does Spinach seed look like?

- If you have never planted then you may be focused on the seed of it. It generally looks like a teardrop which has round on one side and pointed on another side. The colors of the seed are varied accordingly with the varieties.

3. How deep do you plant Spinach seed?

- The Spinach Plant can sow an inch deep and covered with a layer of soil. It is generally considered to deep the seed double of its length.

4.How long does it take to Grow Spinach from seeds?

- Spinach takes about an average of 45 days to harvest its leaves from seedlings. It depends upon the varieties of plants. You can check the exact time on the cover of the seed packet.

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