How to grow a hog plum (Lapsi) plants

Hog plum

How to grow a hog plum(Lapsi) plant

The scientific name of hog plum is (Choerospondias axillaris). It is also known as Lapsi. Hog plum is famous in the southeastern region like in Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh.

Lapsi is popular and mostly found in Nepal. Lapsi is sour in taste. We can make different products from Lapsi. Lapsi is used as traditional medicine.

It has mostly grown in the jungle. People are not willing to plant hog plum but it has high demand in the market. Lapsi can be used for pickles, and other Lapsi products like Titaura, Maada, Lapsi candy in Nepal.

Due to its different benefits, many people are searching- how to grow a hog plum plant?

Today I have provided a step to plant Choerospondias axillaris from my personal experience.

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Step to Plant Hog plum

Here I am going to provide you a step to grow a hog plum in an easy way.

1. Buy plants

 You can buy a hog plum plant from a nursery or from the market. You can easily find plants from the market.

2. Make soil fertile

Soil is important while planting any tress. Hog plum is a good water-absorbent plant. So, we do not need to water the plant often. To make the soil fertile it is better to use compost manure.

3.Plant hog plum

While planting hog plum, you need to make a distance enough between plants. Minimum wide around 3 m so the plant can grow easily.

4.Care of plant

stirring continuously

Lapsi do not require much water like other plants. PIt is mostly planted in a soil erosion area. But also you have to take care of providing water per week. Analysis of the growing plant and prevention from disease.

These are the step you have to follow to grow plum(Lapsi) plant.

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Here we have listed some frequently asked questions related to Lapsi or hog plum.

1. What is hog plum good for?

-Plum plant is used from a long period of time as a healer for different disease. It helps to reduce anxiety. Its bark is used to kill bacteria and fungi.

It is a healthy sweet taste fruit that has many benefits for health.

2. What products can we make from Nepali hog plum?

-Hog plum is also known as Lapsi in Nepali. It is famous all over the world. Due to its health benefit and good product of it, it has a high demand in the international market.

We can make different products like plum titaura, candyplum powder, and many items. You can also make titaura which is good in taste by watching the plum recipe.

3.which season is best for growing hog plum?

-Plump plant is a naturally growing plant and it does not have a specified season to grow. But I recommend you to search for a sunny area. The distance between two trees must be 8 feet apart. much time does it take to grow hog plum?

-Usually, to become a mature plant, it takes about two years. In two years, it grows about 4 feet.

You can eat lapsi after two years of planting.


 Here I have included how to grow a Lapsi(Choerospondias axillaris) plant. I belong from Nepal and Lapsi is one of the favorite fruit. It has many health benefits.It can also be used as a healer.

Now I think you can plant lapsi plants and can make different lapsi recipes.

If you have any queries then comment down below.


  1. is it good if i grow lapsi at my backyard at my house
    how long does the roots of lapsi grow
    it is dangerous to grow in my house

    1. If you have enough space in backyard then you can plant lapsi easily but if the space is small in backyard then I would not recommend to Plant.

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