How to start a mushroom farm

How to start a mushroom farm

Are you planning to make a mushroom farm and make a source of income? or you want to make a farm in a small house with family for hobbies.

You will learn complete detail on how to start a mushroom farming.

Mushroom is popular among all the people due to its taste and recipe. Since it has a high demand in the market. You can gain enough profit if you know knowledge of mushroom farming.

Mushroom farming

The process of farming mushroom on land, log for commercial purpose to earn money is simply known as mushroom farming. The scientific name of the mushroom is Armillariella tabescens.I think you know the taste of mushrooms, it is really good in taste and has many health benefits. While starting a mushroom farm you must have to learn basic knowledge.

If you know basic knowledge, then you will learn others with your own experience. More you will have experience more you generate new ideas and techniques.

There are various types of mushrooms available in the market but choosing the right quality of mushrooms gives more benefits for you.

How to start Mushroom farm

Here I have provided you a guide to start a mushroom farm. while being a mushroom farmer has to know a basic knowledge and guide to start a mushroom farm. Let's begin a guide to start a mushroom farms.

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1.Create Space

The first thing you need is space where you are planning to start a mushroom farm business.

It does not require a large area to grow mushroom. You can grow in your garden or in the room on a small scale to fulfill your own desire and to sell in less amount.

But if you want to start a mushroom farm in commercial and large scale then you need a proper room with advanced equipment and facilities.

2.Necessary Equipment

If you want to run mushroom farm in low budget then you can grow in logs of wood and in rotten straw.

But if you want to run it as a business then you need a separate room with equipment like compost manure, wooden logs, straw, proper humidity, and maintain room temperature(20-24) degree Celcius.

You can also purchase an incubator for a mushroom which creates a favorable condition to grow mushroom.

3.Package Management

Packing of Mushroom plays an important role to make a brand in the market. If you can provide good taste and good quality mushroom in the market with good packing, the probability of demand for your product is very high.

So, give proper attention to your mushroom packing design and market branding. If once, you make a brand in your local market the demand will automatically increase and makes you a successful businessman.

4.Grow Mushroom

If you fulfill all the above-mentioned points then you only need to buy spore and start to generate your income by growing mushroom.

you will also learn how to grow mushroom in detail.

How to grow Mushroom at home

How to grow Mushroom at home

You will find a different way and spore indifferent media sources but today I am going to give you the proper way to grow mushroom at home. These ways are my personal experience in growing mushrooms.

1.Buying spore

Selecting spores is important to make a business better. If you find quality spores then it would be helpful in growing your business better and better.

I suggest you buy from a reputed online market or from a nearby grocery store. There are different type of mushroom which grow on wooden logs, rotten straw, and on manure.

Select the proper spores where you want to grow mushrooms.

2.Grow edible mushroom

If you want to grow mushroom at home then you can start it in a small room. Maintain a suitable temperature and humidity.

Once mushrooms start to form a root then you can cover it with a cloth. If it seems to dry spray with water. After two weeks you will find mushroom start growing. Wait for mushroom for fully developed and pick it.

But for commercial purposes it is different. Make an incubator which will have all the facilities that are needed for the mushroom to grow,

If you are using a straw for growing mushroom then you need cut straw in pieces and boil it for 30 minutes. let it be cool then spray spores in it. You will find mushroom growing if you can maintain humidity and Temperature. Harvest mushroom at the correct time for packing and selling.

These are the ways to grow mushroom at home. If you follow all the steps to start a mushroom farming and guide to grow mushroom you will be able to make a successful mushroom farm.

Types of Mushroom

Mushroom are of different types, I have already mentioned some of the types of mushrooms on the basis of on which they are growing. Here I will provide you the best type of mushroom famous around the world.

1.Oyster Mushroom 

Oyster mushrooms mostly grown on wooden logs. It is good in taste than other mushrooms. It looks like an oyster in shape and called as oyster mushroom. It has white flesh.

2.Portobello mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms mostly grow on compost manure. It is highly rich in protein, iron, and potassium.

Portobello mushrooms can be stored for a long period of time and do not require much experience mushroom farmers.

3.Psychedelic mushrooms

psychedelic mushrooms is an important mushroom since earlier. It is used as a medicine too but in some countries it is banned. 

psychedelic mushrooms are also known as magic mushrooms. It helps to reduce anxiety, psychiatric disorder.

These are the few types of mushrooms that are worldwide famous.


By seeing all these whole articles you can figure out how benefit to start a mushroom farm. You should buy spores, space to grow, and marketing skills to promote your business.

Now, you will be able to grow mushroom at home for commercial as well as for hobbies and enjoyment.

If you have any queries, comment down below!

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