How to grow pineapple plants from Pineapple Tops

pineapple tropical fruit

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that can be cooked, make juice, or directly eat from plants. It is one of the healthiest fruit in the world. Most people like to have pineapple because of its taste. They are fond of pineapple and want to grow a pineapple at home.

Indoor gardening is a hobby, fun with family, and many more. Many of the gardening questions are how to grow pineapple tops.

You are searching how to grow pineapple plants. Here I have listed your basic step to grow a pineapple. I will give you advice and suggestion too from my experience in growing pineapple.

You have to buy pineapple from the grocery store or from the pineapple market for the basic step.

Here I have given an easy way to grow pineapple plants by cutting crown or pineapple tops of pineapple and planting it in pots or in-ground.

Step to grow pineapple plants from pineapple Tops

You may already search on youtube and otherwise grow a pineapple at home but you may not find proper ways and step to grow a pineapple plant. Here I have given stepwise ways to grow pineapple plants from pineapple tops.

1. Buy Pineapple 

grow pineapple plants from pineapple tops at home

Buying pineapple is an easy task. You can buy pineapple near your grocery store or from the market.

2.Cut Crown 

Planting pineapple

After buying pineapple from the market cut the top crown of pineapple. Make sure no fruit is left on it. If any fruit is left and remove the fruit with a knife.

Some people try to cut crowns with a knife or with sharp instruments. In my personal opinion, it is not a good way to remove the crown of pineapple.

You can remove the top of the pineapple by making a soft hand twist it and remove it.

Remove root buds that look like a dot in the crown of pineapple. Buds make difficult to make new root for pineapple plant.


Pineapple should dry for 2-3 days so that the cut edge becomes dry in a plastic bag. Remove the unwanted pineapple leaves.

You can dry it in a cup of water until the root starts to emerge. You can take it out from water when the root is 2-3 inches long (0.166 feet tall).

4.Plant pineapple Top

After the root emerges, take out the plant at the top of the pineapple with roots of it. Choose a place or container, pots to plant pineapple.

Soil should be fertile which contains manure that helps in growing quality pineapple(not infected with diseases).

Pineapple plant requires sunlight at least 5 hours for photosynthesis, so proper place is necessary to grow pineapple plants. The temperature should be 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit which is considered the best temperature.

Soil near the root must be tied with the root to make pineapple plants straight.

5.Care of  growing pineapple

Taking care of pineapple is necessary. If you want to make a garden in your house with different flowers and fruits it is necessary to take care of those flowers and fruits.

Taking care means providing water to plant, provide enough sunlight, and maintaining temperature.

Feed the plant:

While watering you must be careful. You should not water over the growing pineapple if you do so the plant starts to die. Make the soil moisture by watering near the roots with the jug.

Pineapple plants do not require much water. watering once a week is enough for it.


Every plant needs sunlight to survive and for photosynthesis. If you plant a pineapple plant in direct sunlight, it is a high chance to get quality pineapple.

Make a suitable humidity to help in the growth of pineapple plants.


Natural fertilizer is the best way to provide a supplement for plants that help develop plants' growth and development. Without any environmental degeneration and chemical fertilizer.

Ethylene gas is also an alternative way to improve pineapple gardening. Ethylene gas helps to aids the aging and riping of pineapple.

6.Mature pineapple plant

How to plant pineapple

If you all those steps then you only have to wait for fruitful results. After a plant become mature it starts to pod and make fruit. You can grab it when pineapple starts to turn yellow. After a long time, the pineapple fruit is ready and you can eat pineapple fruit flesh.

You can make a different salad from the pineapple. You can make juice which is very healthy for our body.

These are the steps to grow pineapple plants from pineapple Tops at home. If you follow all these steps then you can easily grow pineapple plants.

I think now you know how to grow pineapple plants, how to grow pineapple tops, and how to care for pineapple plants.


Here we are discussing the frequently asked question from people. Let's discuss some frequently asked questions.

1. How ethylene gas helps to grow a pineapple?

-As I have already mentioned about ethylene gas. Ethylene gas help to improve the aging and riping of pineapple. It provides enough time to make yellow pineapple fruit. Ethylene gas makes a favorable condition to grow pineapple which works as a catalyst.

2. How long does it take to grow a pineapple?

-Pineapple takes about 2 years to grown and ready for edible. Varieties of pineapple plant take different time but in approx for all, it is about 2 years.


 Pineapple is a famous fruit around the world. In every home, people want to cultivate pineapple. Some people have hobbies to make a garden of flowers and fruit. Pineapple planting is also one of the fun and hobbies of many families.

Here I have provided information about how to grow pineapple tops and cultivating process in detail.

I hope you follow all these steps and make a beautiful garden of pineapple.

If you have any queries then comment down below!

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