How to take care of a spider plant indoors

How to take care of a spider plant indoors

Planting small plants is a hobby for many people. They try to make the room attractive with different flowers and plants.

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The list of plants, spider plants is also one of the favorite plants that are used for room decoration. It is very attractive and makes the room beautiful. It is also easy to grow.

Many people try to plant a snake plant but they do not take proper care of the plant and it dies. So, here you will learn in detail how to take care of a spider plant indoor.

Planting spider plants is an easy task. You can make your room beautiful with less effort.

    Spider plant 

     The spider plant is a natural green leaf plant that is mostly planted for decoration of the room. It is also known as an airplane plant. Most people do not have a proper idea of how to grow spider plants.

    You probably searching many articles to grow spider plants but you may not found proper user-friendly guides to grow spider plants.

    Care of spider plants

    Care of spider plants

     While growing spider plants if you follow our guidelines then you will grow your spider plant.

    1.Proper location

    Making the room beautiful is a big task. If you do not find a proper place to circulate the drainage then it will difficult to watering. It makes the room dirty.

     So always try to place in the sitting room or in near the bathroom to maintain a proper drainage holes and hole drainage system. Plant, a small baby plant straight upward tied with soil.


    Since it can grow in normal moist soil in which other plants are grown. But if you excess fertilized soil it may die.

    If you are planning to grow spider plants in pots or in a container, you need to choose a big pot. If the pot is small then the roots of the spider plant penetrate the pots.

    Use a normal planting soil that emphasizes growing spider plant.


    Growing water requires a lot of water. But in the winter season, their consumption will slow down. Watering too much of water cause plant to die out.

    You can touch the soil if the soil is dry out then water them but do not overwater them.

    Fluorine in water causes damage to leaves and plants. Using tap water may damage the leaves. So, use distilled water as possible.

    4.Indirect light

    Spider plants do not need direct sunlight. Not all spider plants all green leaves plant do not require direct sunlight.

    Try to provide it indirect sunlight according to your room location. Avoid direct sunlight location.

    If it gets sunlight for a long period of time, it starts to turn brown and die.

    This is the main reason why people cannot grow and care for spider plants.


    Spider plants do not require fertilizer but in the growing season, you can use it twice a month to improve in its growth.

    Use fertilizer in the summer season but do not use it in the winter season. This is the best practice to use fertilizer.


    Spider mites are a major problem in spider plants. It eats the leaves of the plant. Use natural insecticides reducer like neem oil to kill spider mites.

    The overuse of insecticides can damage the growing plants. So, use natural insecticides to reduce insecticide problems.

    7.Spider plant care

    Growing spider plants need more care. If the leaves are large in size then cut the long leaves. Bright indirect light is best for growing spider plants.
     If you follow all the above-mentioned guidelines then you can grow your spider plant easily.

    The benefit of Spider plants

    Benefit of Spider plants

    The spider plant has many benefits. It makes our room fresh and has many health benefits. It is also used for medicinal purposes.

    Here I have listed some of the benefits of spider plants.

    1. It makes the room beautiful and fresh all the time.

    2. It helps to remove carbon monoxide and other harmful toxic gas.

    3. It is safe for indoor pets like cats and dogs. Before planting any plants you should know whether it is toxic or not.

    4. It improves the recovery rates of surgical patients.

    5. It contains protein, vitamins, magnesium, and antioxidants.

    These are the benefits of spider plants.


    1.How often to water spider plants?

    -Spider plants do not require a lot of water. If you water once a week it will be enough for it. But do not water them a lot.

    2. How long do spider plants live?

    -Usually, it does not die before twenty years if you take care of spider plants. It will survive for a long period of time.


    Moreover, you know how to take care of spider plants indoors. You also know how the benefit is the spider plant when you plant indoor.

    The spider plant is a widely used indoor plant due to its long-term sustainability and healthy plant. You may also like to grow aloe vera indoor. You can read how to grow aloe vera at home in detail.

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