How to propagate Pothos - Air purifying plant

How to propagate Pothos

Propagate Pothos

Growing Pothos at home is an easy task. Pothos plant helps to purify the air indoors. Pothos plant is popular in decorating rooms and offices. It is also used in the aquarium to purify water.

Pothos plant is popular among all plants because it makes the room beautiful, easy to grow, and care. Here you will learn how to propagate pothos and care for pothos plants. Propagation of pothos is easy if you have an idea to do so. Pothos in water is a technique to grow root and develop plant faster than usual.

Here you will get complete detail to propagate and care of pothos plant.

    Pothos plant

    Pothos is a flowering plant of the family Araceae. It is native to China, Bhutan, and the eastern region of the world. Pothos plant is one of the famous plants for indoor planting. It does not require more sunlight and care to grow.

    You can find different varieties of plants that have different colors. The most popular plants among all plants are jade pothos plant that has green leaves.

     There are different types of pothos like neon pothos, Manjula pothos, satin pothos, jessenia pothos, marble queen pothos, etc. You can select your favorite one in your room.

    How to propagate pothos

    Air purifying plant

    Propagation is a technique to plant a new plant from seed and cutting. Today here I will give you an idea to propagate plants from the cutting methods. 

    Let's begin with a simple step to grow pothos plant at home.

    Step 1:

    Cut down the pothos steam about 4 cm long just below the root node. Use a sharp clean knife to cut the steam.

    The steam must contain at least 4 leaves in it. Pull the leaves off below the leaf node and make steam to grow in water. While pulling off be careful because it may damage the steam.

    Step 2:

    After making plant ready, You can use hormones for the plant to grow root faster. But it is optional depend upon your choice.

    Fill the bucket with water if you want to grow in water. You can directly plant in soil too. But from my personal experience growing in water give you the best result. Put the steam in the bucket and left it until it starts to germinate roots.

    Place the bucket where it gets indirect sunlight. It is better to grow near the window side.

    Step 3:

    If plants develop root then transplant it into the soil. Make a soil mixture of sand and fertile manure. If you want to grow indoor then select the proper drainage pots and fill the soil in pots.

    Make an inch of the hole in the soil. Then straight up the plant in the soil and cover it properly. Water the plant at the same time as planting. You need to water regularly until the plant starts to form new leaves.

    Step 4:

    If the plant starts to grow new leaves it will not be necessary to water them regularly. If you add an excessive amount of water then it may root rot and damage your plants.

    You can touch the soil and calculate whether it is wet or dry. If it feels dry then water them. Overuse of water causes leaves yellowing and can damage the plants.

    This the way how you can propagate pothos by cutting from water to soil. It is easy to grow pothos and to care.

    Growing pothos


    1. How fast does Pothos grow in water?

    -Pothos plant grows fast if you place it in water. Waterworks as an agent that helps plant to developed root fast. It takes about 12-24 days to grow root in water.

    2. What is the reason for the Yellowing of the pothos plant?

    -There may be a different reason for the yellowing of the photos plant. If the plant gets excessive water then it starts to turn into yellow, due to low light, and root rot is the cause of yellowing pothos plant.

    3.How often to water pothos?

    -Pothos plants do not require more water. You can touch the soil whether it is moist or wet. If soil is dry then you can add water in it. You may also face a problem like the brown color of leaves is due to lack of water.


    Here you have to learn how to propagate pothos in detail. Now if you read the whole article then you will definitely grow pothos at home. You also learn how to grow pothos in water and pothos varieties for indoor gardening.

    If you have any queries regarding pothos plant and any problem while growing then comment down below.


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