How to plant grass seed on existing lawn - Complete Guide

How to plant grass seed on the existing lawn

Growing grass

Planting grass makes the garden beautiful and decorative. The growing plant requires time and effort. If you can give proper time then you will be able to grow grass. Some of you may already grow grass on the lawn. 

You may not find the best way to reseed a lawn. Here you learn how to reseed the lawn in detail.

Gardening is the only way to make house decorative and enjoyable with family. Most of the people want to engage in gardening. Overseeding is a fast process that does not take much time to do.

 In late summer grass starts to die due to climatic change. So, planting grass seeds on the existing lawn need proper ideas and guides.

Here you will find an easy way on how to plant grass seed on the existing lawn.

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How to plant grass seed on the existing lawn

Growing grass in the field is easy if you know the proper way to care. More people are confusing weather they have to replant the grass destroying the growing plants. Weeds in the grass are the major problem of destroying grass in the lawn.

So, here you will get the step-wise ways to reseed on the existing lawn.

Step 1:

The major problem in the grass is weeds. It destroys the plants by absorbing nutrients from the soil. So, the first step is to destroy the weeds from the grass. You can remove it by using or other weed removal tools.

If you do not have time then you can also use herbicides to destroy weeds. But consult with weeds specialist about the nature of weeds. So, grass will not get affected by it.

Step 2:

how to reseed a lawn

Cut the unnecessary growth of grass. Make the grass clean of height inch. Use water in the grass to make the soil wet. If you use chemical herbicides then water them regularly for a week to over the effect of herbicides.

Make soil fertile in a barren land and wait for one day to seed grass in the lawn.

Step 3:

After preparing the field ready to reseed the grass. You should be focused on the quality of grass seed. The quantity of grass seed depends upon the variety and quality of seed.

 If you are planning to grow cold season grasses then sow it in the ratio of 8 pounds to 1000 square feet. This type of grass is favorable in the cold season. Even if there is frostbite grass can resist the coldness.

 Annual ryegrass is grown in a less crowded area whereas Perennial ryegrass is grown in high traffic areas. It is due to the bush character of perennial grass.

If you are planning to grow warm-season grasses like bermudagrass, centipede grass. Then provide them warm temperature.

It is good to plant grass according to your living habitat climate.

Step 4:

After sowing seed in the field you must take lawn care. Grass requires good soil with potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. Prepare a soil test if its Ph is high then you must add chemical fertilizer to maintain the Ph level.

After sowing cover the seed with soil and run the roller. If you are doing in a small area then you can jump over it.

Watering in the field is essential in growing grass in the field. Water the soil with soft spray twice a day. If the lawn starts to grow then after an inch height adds nitrogen and lawn fertilizer to grow better.

These are the steps on how to plant a new lawn over an old lawn. By applying with these simple steps you can grow grass in your garden or in a desirable place.

how to plant a new lawn over an old lawn


1. When to plant grass seed in spring?

- In the main spring season, you can plant grass seed before 40 days of the extreme cold season. You can plant cold-season grass in the spring. The grass will not get any effect in the cold season even if it is frost-bite.

2. How long does grass take to grow?

-Growing of grass depends upon the variety, soil ingredient, and climatic factor. But also an average grass takes about 40 days to grow after germination.

3. Why is my grass dying in patches?

- Grass starts dying when plants do not get a sufficient amount of water. It may also the cause of disease in the grass that causes the grass to die. Sometimes, due to lack of proper drainage and poor soil quality grass starts to die.


Here you learn how to reseed grass on the existing lawn and how to seed a lawn in stepwise detail. If you follow all the steps and can select a good variety of grass seed. Then you can easily make a desirable grass lawn in the garden.

If you have any queries regarding how to grow lawn grass and problem then you can ask in the comment section. You can also contact me through the contact section.

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