How to grow avocado indoors | Guide for beginner

Growing indoor avocado

Growing indoor avocado plants may not hear by more people. People do not try to grow an avocado tree at home. There are different varieties of avocado plants. You can plant a dwarf avocado plant at home.

Growing avocado plants outdoor as trees need more care. There may be a question of how to grow avocado indoors. Growing avocado plant indoors is fun making and easy to grow. 

If you have an idea to care avocado plant then you can easily grow an avocado plant. Keep patience and grow your favorite avocado fruit plants.

    Avocado plant

    Avocado plant is a flowering plant belonging to the Lauraceae family. Avocado is commercially valuable. Its market value is increasing day by day. So, whoever loves avocado then he/she definitely wants to grow the avocado plant.

    It is in pear shape which has a single seed in it. However avocado takes a lot of time period to produce fruit. There are different types of avocado plants but prefer dwarf plants for indoor growing.

    How to grow avocado indoors

    How to grow avocado indoors

    Avocado is a fleshy fruit that is tasty and has a high health benefit. People want to grow avocado at home but due to its large size, they don't want. So, here you will learn how to grow avocado indoors from seed. 

    Indoors avocado is small in size and can easily care. You need to know the basic knowledge to grow an avocado plant. 

    You need the patience to grow and then you can taste your favorite avocado.

    1.Dwarf avocado plant

    You can grow avocado from seed but it is time-consuming. While in most of the case avocado do not produce fruit but you can plant for enjoyment.

    Buy a quality dwarf plant from the market or from a nursery. Dwarf avocado like holiday, Wertz, varieties because they grow only up to 7-12 feet. You can ask them dwarf avocado for indoor or buy from online.

    2.Plant in pots 

    Fill the pots with citrus mixing soil. It improves the quality of the plant. Plant direct in pots or in the container which fits for a plant. I suggest you grow in large size pots. 

    If you choose small size pots then it may break due to its roots.


    Light is essential for avocado like a banana plant. Place them near windows or on the balcony. If avocado plant do not get proper sunlight then place them in glow light.

    If you live in a cold area or you are growing in cold season then placing them in glow light is a better option. If plant do not get proper sunlight then it may die.


    Avocado plant require usually more water than other plants. Supply water in an avocado plant to make the soil moist.

    If the plant gets excessive water then plant leaves start to turn into yellow. So, provide adequate water in a plant that makes good growth in plants. Also, flush salt in the soil with the help of water.

    5.Indoor avocado tree pruning

    Pruning is a process of cutting down the leaves of the plant in an interval of time. Indoor avocado tree pruning is necessary to avoid large growth of plants.

    When the plant reaches the height of 12 inches cut the half branch. Then it starts growing and allows its branch and stream to grow. Pinch off the new leaves in an interval of time to make proper size. This is how your indoor avocado tree pruning process is occurring.


    After a certain year, avocado fruit starts to form. You need the patience to grow an avocado plant. You will have your favorite fresh avocado at home.

    This is the complete process and guides to growing avocado plants indoors.

    Benefits of Avocado

    Benefits of Avocado

    Avocado is always beneficial for health. Here are some of the benefits of avocado in points.

    1. It is a nutrient-rich fruit with vitamins and minerals.
    2. It is good for your heart.
    3. It maintains a great vision of the eye.
    4. It helps to protect from chronic disease.
    5. It can be used as a diet.
    6. It helps to maintain blood pressure.
    7. It helps in the weight loss of the body.

    These are the benefits of avocado in your health. It is also considered as the king of fruit.


    1. How long does it take for an avocado tree to bear fruit?

    -If you have planted your avocado plant from seed then it will take 5-12 years to bear fruit. But if you are growing from a nursery plant then it will only take 3-5 years after planting.

    2. What is the cause of the yellowing of avocado leaves?

    -There are different problems in the growing avocado plant. Yellowing of leaves is the cause of excessive use of water in plants. Sometimes it may cause due to excessive heat although avocado requires more sunlight.

    3. How to dwarf an avocado tree?

    -The avocado tree gradually increases in its height. Dwarf of the plant is not always possible so you have to cut half part when it grows 12 inches. After that pinch off new leaves and branch in an interval of time to make them dwarf.


    Growing avocado plant is a long term process. You need patience to grow. Here you learn how to grow avocado indoors at home in detail.

    If you have read all steps to grow avocado plants then definitely grow avocado plants. If you have any confusion regarding avocado then comment down below.

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