How to grow mint at home | Guide for beginner

How to grow mint at home


Mint plant is easy to grow in your garden. Growing mint plants at home can easily spread over the garden. You must take a bit of care while growing otherwise it does not need much care in growing.

Most people have the same people which type of mint is suitable for growing in the garden. peppermint vs spearmint is the most common question among all the gardens. They have their own unique flavor. Here we will discuss types of best mint for the garden in detail.

Growing mint in pots or in a container helps you to grow better and productive. You can easily grow in the balcony, room for growing indoors. Let's move toward the steps to grow the mint plant at home. But first of all, let's discuss what is a mint plant and what are the types of mint plant in detail.

    Mint plant

    Mint plant is the low maintenance green leaves plant that grows in the opposite direction of each leaf. It is a versatile product that can be used in different homemade products. The color of leaves varies from green, bright green, dark green to purple depending upon varieties.

    If you love the taste of mint plant then definitely you will like to grow a mint plant. It is fast to grow and easy to care for. It is originally from Greece and widespread all over the world.

    Peppermint vs Spearmint

    Mint is of different types. Here we are discussing the major two mint plant and their differences. They are peppermint and spearmint.


    Peppermint is a hybrid composition of water mint and spearmint. It is world-famous due to its different taste from the natural mint. The peppermint is sweetish order and pungent taste. It can be used as peppermint tea, peppermint oil, and peppermint bark also work as medicine.

    Oil of peppermint is used for various medicinal purposes. Most people want to add peppermint to their dishes. You can grow easily in your garden with simple care.


    Spearmint plant leaves are famous in the grocery store. You may also notice spearmint flavor in the market. Spearmint is a herb with green leaves in the opposite direction.

    Spearmint leaves and oil are for medical purposes. It reduces the swelling of the body and helps in the direction process. It is also easy to grow in your garden.

    Here is the peppermint vs spearmint in short with an important note. You can also taste the flavor between peppermint and spearmint which you want to grow.

    Condition requires for mint plant

    Condition requires for mint plant

    There are some conditions while growing the mint plants. If you can provide proper conditions to grow then you can easily grow a mint plant at home.


    Soil with manure is enough to grow a mint plant. The soil must not be fully tied while planting. You should always be careful to provide soil absorption property in the soil. This means tied soil cannot receive water in the roots.


    The amount of water depends upon the moisture of the soil. If the soil starts to dry out then immediately you have to provide water in it.

    You check the moisture of soil by inserting a finger in the soil, If the soil feels dry then water them immediately.


    Sunlight in a mint depends upon the climatic condition. If you live in hot place then it is good to provide them shady sun. But in a cold place, it is good to provide them direct sunlight.


    Mint plants have soil with compost fertilizer which works as a natural fertilizer. It is not necessary to provide fertilizer in plants.

    But over fertilizer may damage and can have bad in the taste of mint leaves.

    These are the condition you need to provide growing mint plants.

    Steps to grow mint plant

    Steps to grow mint plant

    Growing mint plants at home with less effort is only possible if you have proper knowledge of the mint plants. If you know how to care and grow then only you can easily grow a mint plant. If you love to mint leaves then you definitely like to grow a mint plant.

    People also want to grow the mint plant for medicine. Mint plant is easily available in the market. But the taste of fresh mint is different from that market. So, to grow mint plant here I will give you an idea and tips you need to be careful and follow proper guidelines.

    1.Purchase mint plant

    While we are discussing how to grow a mint plant. You may have a question why not to grow from seed. It is possible to grow from mint seed but it is difficult and time-consuming. So, I prefer you to buy a mint plant.

    You can easily buy a mint plant from a nursery, garden. Cut the lower part of the pant about 10cm. Take a glass of water and place it there for a week. Ina week, it starts to appear roots in it.

    Leaves the plant for some days to develop proper roots. It is better if you change the water every two days.

    2.Plant in pots or in container

    It is better to grow the mint plants in pots or in small containers. You can grow mint plants indoor and outdoor. But providing them proper sunlight is an important thing to maintain. If you live in a cold area then it is better to grow indoors because frostbite damage the plants.

    Make a straight-up plant and place at your reachable place to provide them water and sunlight.

    3.Transfer to soil (Optional)

    If plant starts to develop then it is better to transfer to soil. If pots are not big enough then it may break your pots.

    You can plant it in your garden, If not then, you can grow in a balcony in the container. It is better to place in your reachable place.


    4. Pickup Mint leaves

    Mint leaves are used in the different delicious product. If you know the proper way to pick up the mint plant without dying it then it will beneficial to grow for the long term.

    Always try to pick up leaves with the soft hand rather than to smash them. You will enjoy it with your favorite mint at home.

    These are the steps to grow the mint plant in pots for beginner complete guide.

    Benefits of Mint 

    Benefit of mint leaves

    Mint is a medicinal herb. It has various use in daily life. Here let's point out some of the benefit of mint.

    1. It helps in the digestion process which controls metabolism.
    2. It helps to make your skin fair and reduce itching.
    3. It maintains fresh breathe and helps in oral.
    4. It makes you relieved from stress.
    5.It can control nausea and other headaches in your body.

    These are the benefits of mint leaves in your daily life and health benefit of mint leaves.


    1. How long does mint plant take to grow?

    -Mint plant is considered as a fast-growing herb. It takes about 100 days to grow from a seedling. But if you grow a mint plant from the plant then it will take 60 days to grow.

    2. How tall does mint grow?

    -Mint plant height depends upon their varieties. But considering the average height of the mint is 2 feet. Mint plants can grow about 1-2 feet tall.


    Here you have to learn how to grow a mint plant at home in pots or in the container. You may also notice peppermint vs spearmint and their taste.

    If you follow proper guild and maintain the condition for growing plants then you will succeed in growing and make a healthy beautiful garden.

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