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Growing pepper from seed

Grow pepper plant at home

Growing pepper plants is easy if you have the interest to plant them. It does not require much caring as other plants. There are different varieties of the pepper plant which are mild-spicy, spicy, and super hots spicy.

You can plant pepper plants for your favorable spicy taste. There are different ways to grow pepper plants but here you will learn how to grow pepper from seed. Growing pepper from seed is easy to follow and to care for.

You can plant pepper in pots, containers, or soil. Growing pepper in an open place is quite risky if you live in a cold place. So, I personally recommend growing pepper indoors.

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    Pepper is a flowering plant that is spicy hot. Pepper is generally used in other products to make them tasty and spicy.

    If you need a lot of pepper in your food, it is better to plant pepper at your home. Most people from the Asian region like to have spicy food in their meals.

    There are also other varieties like capsicum by European people. Capsicum is generally used as a vegetable and also used in pizza.

    Steps to grow pepper from seed

    growing indoor peppers

    Pepper plants can be grown in various ways. Many people want to plant pepper from small plants. They buy from a nursery or from the near market.

    The plant dies in a short period of time due to the bad quality of plant seed. So, I like to recommend for you to grow pepper plants from seed. There you will learn the best way to germinate pepper fast.

    1. Prepare seed

    Firstly, select the proper seed. If you like to grow hot pepper, sweet pepper, or mild-hot pepper.

    You nearby your home to buy fresh pepper. Interact with them about the variety of pepper. Buy your favorite one.

    Cut the pepper and take out the seed from the pepper. Take a glass of water and put the seed in it and left out for one night.

    You must be careful it should not be too wet. Let it cover with plastic for an hour.

    2.Sowing seed

    While sowing seed in the soil, the soil must be fertile enough to grow to pepper plants. You can grow your pepper plant in containers, pots, and soil.

    Select the area where you want to grow. Growing pepper indoor get appropriable conditions to germinate.

    But be careful, always try to plant pepper in the hot season. It will be difficult to grow pepper in the cold season. Although, you can grow by maintaining temperature and pressure indoors.

    You can sow pepper seed covered with light soil. Water them safely after 7 hours of the plantation. Excess water makes plants difficult yo grow and it will damage the seed.


    While in the process of germination, place the pots or containers in a warm area. Temperature about 80 degrees Celcius is favorable for the germination of plants. It takes a week or more to germinate a plant.

    If the temperature low (below 55 degrees Celcius ) then place the plant in a warm area(place in grow light). More people have to face this situation in the cold season.

    If possible you can buy a heat mat. The heat mat provides the appropriate temperature to grow.

    4.Harden off seedlings

    If the plant starts to germinate then place them in the outer environment in a shady area in the 1st period. It will help the plant to adjust to the outer environment.

    In this way, exposing outdoor conditions improves the ability to adjust the outer environment. Then you can periodically shift pepper plants from pots or contain to the soil.

    How to germinate pepper seeds fast


    If the pepper plant starts to grow then shift in soil. Make proper draining soil to avoid excessive water.

    Pepper plants can grow up to 3 feet in height. So, it is better to dig 10 inches for planting. Expose in sunlight for the proper development of plants.

    6.Care plants

    Plant get affect with a different problem. If they do not get proper care then the plant starts to die. Only planting does not mean it starts to give a product. You need to take proper care.

    Use the plastic bag for protection from weeds. Generally, the plant starts to die if they are grown in cold areas. Excessive use of water also damages the pepper plants.


    Fertilizer is optional. If the plant infected with insects and diseases, you can use fertilizer to control them.

    Excessive fertilizer is not good for plants.You can consult with expert while using fertilizer.


    Harvesting is an easy process, You only have to wait for a dash of pepper to ripe. You can pick up the pepper and have it in your delicious food items.

    This is the complete process of growing pepper from seed. Now, you are able to grow pepper at home easily if you follow the stepwise process.

    Benefits of pepper

    best way to germinate pepper seeds

    There are different benefits of pepper. Here I have listed few important benefits of pepper plants.

    1. It may help in the weight loss of the body.
    2. It provides vitamin B6 in the body.
    3. It helps to lower the cholesterol level from the body.
    4. It helps to fight against heart disease.
    5. It improves the digestion process.

    These are the benefits of pepper you can have while eating pepper. But overconsumption may impact in your health condition if you have any kind of serious disease.


    1. How tall do green pepper plants grow?

    -Pepper plants grow usually up to 3 feet depending upon varieties. So, while planting you need to dig 3 inches to lower the height after full growth.

    2. How long do bell pepper plants live?

    -Bell Pepper plants can survive more than one year if they get the proper care. Some of the plants grow up to 5 years which give pepper in huge amount.

    3. Do habanero seeds need to be dried before planting?

    -Habanero seeds dried is an optional case. The seed can be stored for a long period of time while you want to plant you can easily grow from the same seed.


    Here you have learned to grow pepper from seed in an easy way at home. You have also learned how to germinate pepper seed fast at home. This is how you can grow the pepper plant in your desired location.

    Hope you have learned a complete guide about growing pepper from seed.

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