How to grow carrot in a pot - Simple step to grow at Home

best carrot to grow at home

Are you willing to grow carrot at home with a simple and easy step? Then you are in the right place. Here you will get the proper step and essential condition to grow a carrot. Carrot is considered as a fruit which is used as a salad while having food.

Growing carrot in a small root or in a pot is an easy task. It does not require much care to grow a carrot. You will have a healthy fresh organic carrot fruit within a few months. If you have an interest in gardening then you definitely love to grow carrot plants.

People usually do not have enough time to grow vegetables and fruit at home. So, they have to buy from grocery or from the vegetable market. This product may not always be healthy and organic. The chemical used in this product is the main reason for disease in most people.

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    Carrot is a root vegetable that grows in soil that usually found in orange color. Carrot is a tap root that belongs to the Umbelliferae Family. The root of the plant is the edible part of a plant.

    The plant is originally from Persia that flourished through leaves and seed. It is a good source of Vitamin K and Vitamin B6. Carrot is considered as a good source of vitamin. 

    Before moving towards how to grow a carrot in a pot lets discuss some varieties of the carrot plants.

    Step to grow carrot at home

    People mostly like to grow carrot at home because it is used as a salad having good taste. It does not require a hard effort to grow carrot at home or in the garden. You simply follow the given below step and you will be able to grow carrot at home.

    Step 1:

    Choose the best fertile soil. Fertile soil is necessary for every vegetable and plant to grow better. You can simply add compost manure to make the soil more fertile. 

    Step 2:

    Buy the quality seed from the market. According to experts, it is better to plant carrot in November for better results.  But also you can grow at any season making favorable conditions for growing.

    Step 3:

    Be careful the seed of carrot is too small to handle. So, do not plant seeds in the windy season that can blow the seed. Direct excessive sunlight may damage the leaves and roots. So, it is better to grow in a greenhouse.

    Step 4:

    It requires less amount of water so you must control in irrigation. An excessive amount of water may damage the root. You can add fertilizer for better growth. I personally prefer you to use homemade compost manure.

    After a week it starts to germinate and when the roots get mature you can take out the root and have your favorite salad at home.

    These are the simple steps of how you can grow carrot plants at home.

    Carrot growing process

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    1. How long does it take to grow a carrot plant?

    - The carrot plant usually takes 70-80 days to grow from a seedling. However, it may vary from species to species.

    2. When to harvest carrot?

    Start sowing your carrot seed before the cold weather comes. Many times carrot plant dies due to frostbite. It also supports the full-shade sunlight for about 8 hours.


    These are the simple steps to grow carrot at home. Now you will be able to grow a carrot in simple and easy steps. If you have any queries regarding the growing carrot plant then do not forget to comment down below.

    Hope you enjoy reading the article!
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