How to Start Irrigation System : Types, Benefit , Defination

After reading this whole article you will be to know the definition of irrigation, types of irrigation, the benefit of irrigation, and how to start an irrigation project!

Definition of Irrigation system

Definition of Irrigation system

Irrigation is a  process of supplying water to plant in the required amount. The whole chain process of supplying water in the field is known as an irrigation system. Irrigation is an important factor in agriculture which helps to moisture the soil and root penetrate the root into the soil.
There are two ways to supply water in the agricultural field. They are :

1.Rain feed 

People have to rely on rainwater to provide water to the agricultural field. In many seasons there may not be raining which costs heavy losses to the farmer. It is a direct process that rainwater directly falls onto the soil.
But as time pass the process of farming has changed and most people following irrigation to supply water to soil.


As mentioned above irrigation is a process of supplying water to the soil. Water is supply to the field through various means like pumps and spray. Water may be of any kind that may from the river, pond, wells, and underground.

Through the help of irrigation, soil can make fertile by spreading chemical fertilizer. But one should always be focused on not harming nature and natural resources by using excess chemicals.

Types of Irrigation

There are different methods of irrigation systems in how water is supply to the field. Here are some types of irrigation which are widely used. They are:

1.Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation

In this type of irrigation water is a drop in every plant. Water is supply through pipes and required less amount of water. Drip irrigation helps to save water because water is supply to every plant in the required amount. This type of irrigation is mostly used for vegetable farming. 
 But it is costly and may not be applicable for a large areas. This type of irrigation is rarely seen.

2.Surface irrigation

Surface irrigation

In this type of irrigation, no pipe is required to supply water. Water is supply with the help of natural gravity. Surface irrigation is an effective way of irrigation and costs less to apply. This is applicable where the land is flat. Water is distributed over the whole area.

3.sprinkler irrigation

sprinkler irrigation

This is a type of irrigation in which water is spread like rain. This type of irrigation system is set up to give water in the required amount. It requires a pipe to supply water. It is one of the efficient ways of farming that saves water.

4.Simple irrigation

simple irrigation

In this type of irrigation water is supplied manually or in a simple way. By watering with the help of a bucket is a type of simple irrigation. It is widely used for gardening a flower. It does not require pipes and tubes.

5.Center-pivot irrigation

Center-pivot irrigation

In this type of irrigation pipe are required which moves all over the irrigation area. A sprinkle moves in a circular pattern to supply water over a long area.

6.Subsurface irrigation

Subsurface irrigation

In this type of irrigation water is supplied from below the surface. pipes are fitted below the surface and supply is supply in the required amount with the help of a regulator. This type of irrigation is costly at the start but has benefits further.

Benefit of Irrigation

Irrigation is always beneficial for farmers. Due to irrigation barren land is now cultivated with greenery. Here we are giving some benefits to the irrigation system. They are:

1. Provide the required amount of nutrients to the soil.
2. It is a technique that is less time and money consuming.
3. It helps to grow more amount of cash crops which is beneficial to the farmer.
4. In large scale irrigation, it can be used to hydropower where we can produce electricity.

These are the benefit of irrigation in the agriculture sector. If you have any queries then comment down below!

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