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Agriculture Technology

Agriculture Technology

Agriculture technology is a tool to improve the agriculture profession in advance. This tool helps to improve the farming style which helps farmers. The technology that is using till date are irrigation, Powls, and machine to cut agricultural products.

From the traditional way farming to advanced technology in farming it ha been a long time. In traditional farming, they used to plows their land with the help of ox but in modern farming, they use the tractor. Tractor save time and human effort. In traditional farming, they used to cut their crops with the help of sickle but in modern farming, there are a lot of machine which can cut crops in an hour.

Technology in every sector is rapidly increasing but in the context of technology in agriculture, it is not so. But somehow there is some technology in agriculture which helps farmers to do work in less time and effort.

In today's world, everyone wants to start their own business and want to get success in life. But people are not giving interest in agriculture which fulfill their basic need. If you start research then you can find how important is agriculture and what is the business of agriculture products in the market.

Due to a lack of people interest in agriculture farming, the demand for agriculture products is not fulfilled. Many country have to supply products from outside the country. If proper technology is used in agriculture then it does not take much effort and time. So, our aim is to encourage people to involve in modern agriculture.

Here we are going to discuss some of the beneficial technology for farmers.

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Technology in Agriculture

Technology always helps people to complete their tasks in less time and less human effort. Technology in agriculture changes the lifestyle of a farmer. Traditional farming takes a long time, more human effort, and huge manpower.

But improvement in technology in agriculture, it became an easy task. Let`s move towards Technology use in modern agriculture.

1.Weather forecasting

Weather forecasting

Weather forecasting plays an important role in agriculture. If there is no irrigation facility and people have to wait for the weather forecast in the news. The News may not be available all the time with farmers.

Application in mobile which can forecast local weather conditions so that farmer makes their mindset for irrigation or not. Sometimes too much of water in crops may drown and damage the crops. So, weather forecasting application for the farmer is necessary and advancements in agricultural technology.

2.Improved Machine

Improved Machine

Machine is always helpful for a human being if they use in a proper way. It reduces human effort and manpower. New machine learning Artificial intelligence is used in the agricultural sector to spread out the chemical in the field.

Tractors are the most popular machine in agriculture which is used to plow the field. Artificial intelligence in the future in agriculture is not so far. Machine to load crops to cut crops are widely used in developed country but many underdeveloped countries are lack of such advanced technology. Improved artificial intelligence is an emerging technology in agriculture.

3.Soil Tester

Soil Tester

Soil plays an important factor to increase production in agriculture. If soil does not contain the required amount of nitrogen then it is not possible to get better production. The sensor is used to test whether soil contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous or not. It also tests the moisture in the soil.

Sensors are cheaper in price and farmers can easily afford it. It gives an idea to the farmer how much fertilizer should be used and what type of fertilizer so be used to get better production.
Soil Tester or sensor is an important machine in agriculture.


Agriculture Drones

Drones help to see the aerial view of the cultivated field. It may not possible all the time visiting the field. Crops may infect with different diseases and lack water. So, for proper care of agriculture product drone is necessary.

Drones is also used to spray different chemical which helps to increase production. Chemicals are not eco-friendly so proper knowledge of the use of fertilizer should be known to farmers.



While we are discussing modern farming and technology use in agriculture, Roberts plays an important role to reduce human effort. Roberts can review the cultivated agriculture product.

Roberts makes an easy task for people to take to identify herbicides and disease. So, they can spray chemicals an adequate amount. The possible future of robotics in agriculture is near and may possibly available to all farmers. Roberts is the advancements in agriculture technology.

These are some of the advances in agriculture technology. More technology is still to come and make advancements in agriculture technology.


1.Definition of Agriculture?

-Agriculture is simply the process of farming, rearing to cultivated food products for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Agriculture is also the process to improve the soil factor and to increase agricultural production. Technology in agriculture is important to improve the production, accuracy in work and to reduce human manpower and effort.

2. How does agriculture cause deforestation?

How does agriculture cause deforestation

-You may not think about the possible cause of deforestation from agriculture. As the world population is increasing their demand for food is also increasing. To fulfill the demand required a large area where people have to destruct forests for cultivated land and grazing area for animals.

Deforestation makes unbalance in the ecosystem which can lead to global warming. In this way agriculture cause deforestation.


At last Technology and new invocation are the important factor to develop the nation. Advanced technology helps to make it easier, faster, and with accuracy. In the context of agriculture, it is necessary to develop advanced technology and distributed to all farmers. It makes the lifestyle simple without any hard labor work.

It also opens the path for the new generation to involve in agriculture farming which they hesitate to do with traditional farming.

Today we discuss advanced technology in agriculture, what is agriculture and how agriculture causes deforestation.

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